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Agile Mindset Test – Agile Thinking Game –

This is a terrific nimble thinking workout to actually assist you to comprehend and raise your awareness of a nimble frame of mind. I play this video game in my training, and I have actually played it many times over the previous ten years. I have actually played it as a variation of the video game I have Never ever too at conferences with over 300 individuals, constantly everybody winds up standing, its excellent to play it at scale!

  • Agile Believing Video Game
  • Group Video Game
  • Reflection Tool
  • Enjoyable Retrospective
  • State Of Mind Test
  • Awareness Raising
  • Management State Of Mind Test

Evaluate your Agile State Of Mind

This workout is drawn from a file I discovered several years earlier and it actually made me stay up and think of my own nimble frame of mind therefore I hope it does the exact same for you.

I can’t state more as it will ruin the video game! Do play the video to play the video game!

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” I’m going to reveal you a list of things and we’ll go through that list and as we go through that list simply have a consider whether you acknowledge any of these behaviours or mindsets.

Agile State Of Mind Video Game– Evaluate your Agile Believing

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