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Register For Raj Kasturi’s Licensed Scrum Master course: You should go into BOTH codes listed below! Utilize my recommendation code to register: 407DCVLH Usage Discount Rate Code DISC05 for $ off! Contact Vaisakh through phone/text for extra concerns: 469-491-1339 ——————————————————————————————————————– Get Quick Agile/Scrum/Project Supervisor Experience: ——————————————————————————————————————– Music by Donald XL Robertson – Sixth And Central – ——————————————————————————————————————– ——————————————————————————————————————–


  1. Because of you I took the Scrum master courses and got mu certification I also went through knowledgehut though it wouldn’t allow me to use your code but it’s fine. I glad I found you. Keep teaching us we are coachable

    1. I’m sorry you had an issue with the code sis. It warms my heart to know that you took the course because of me & I wish you the best!! <3

  2. Congratulations!!!!!! I am currently on my journey to SCRUM Master!!!! Thank You for this video!

    1. Yes!! It was a live class and super interactive. We had breakout rooms and got to talk to our classmates and instructor throughout the training

  3. I am transitioning out of the military… and I’ve been researching for quite some time. I’m excited to start this journey

  4. Hi guys, so I am currently in the research aspect of everything to do with scrum manager. I came across this company charging £700 for the 2days training and help with recruitment process. I was initially told this included the fee for the CSM exam and now have been told I have to pay £800+ for the exam which is £1300 for both. The recruitment process support sounds great but its quite costly. Luckily I hadn’t made any payment but was about to when I thought the £700 included the price of the exam. Now I am seeing the 2days practice and exam amd more at £545 with knowledge hut. Is it worth paying the £1300 for the extra recruitment support or is there anyway I can get this at a better rate. Thanks in advance

    1. I can make my CV myself and apply for jobs and fortunately there’s alot of support on YouTube. I definitely need to work on the network aspect. Is it pretty straightforward to find a job with no background.

    2. Great question, Mariam! I think you should ask them for details on what they mean by “recruitment process”. Does that mean it’s a guaranteed job? What else is included? That’s a lot of money so asking them what all it covers and the benefits might be best!

  5. I’m just gonna say mam… the lashes are lashing baaabaay!!😍 thank you the 💎 knowledge

  6. This Is my first time un your channel what Is the Best Place to certify Scrum máster? I know exist certiprof, scrumstudy,alliance etc.

    1. Hello & welcome!! Information for where I earned my certification is in the description box! I used KnowledgeHut 😁

  7. Did you go to NSU? I feel like I remember your face. Either way, I’m glad I clicked on this video! I’ve been researching product management the last few months and more recently found out about scrum. Thanks for explaining this and congrats on your certification!

    1. I sure didddd, hey spartan sis, how dope!! 😍 & thank you so much, product management was something I considered as well! Let me know if you have any questions & welcome!! 🫶🏾

  8. Thank you for this video just did my course over the weekend and taking my exam today! Would love to connect again thank you for this video it was very helpful! And congratulations on your path! 🎉

  9. First, sis is beautiful. Second, I got my Professional Scrum Master 1 certification last month and the job search is not for the weak. Looking to connect and find a support group for likeminded scrum masters 😂

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