How to Write a Successful Experience Report Conference Proposal - Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant
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How to Write a Successful Experience Report Conference Proposal – Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant

I’m evaluating experience report propositions for the XP 2023 conference. While I see possible in a number of these propositions, I do not see adequate propositions that make me state, “Yes! I wish to read this report! And see the speaker!” (Yes, I respond in exclamation marks when I check out a fantastic proposition.)

Experience reports permit us to gain from each other, from the successes and the failures and whatever in between. And experience reports inform the story of those experiences. Here are 3 needed pieces for effective experience report propositions that make me respond in exclamation marks:

  1. An effective experience report proposition has 2 stories: what occurred in the company and your story, as the experiencer and author.
  2. Compose your proposition so the program committee can see both of those stories.
  3. Bear in mind that your very first audience is the program committee.

I’ll take each of these in order.

Inform 2 Stories in Your Proposition

Experience reports inform 2 stories: the higher story of the experience and your story. I like to consider the higher story as what accompanied the wanted result. That may be for the company or a particular item or task. Your story, as the author and experiencer, discusses how you discovered and altered throughout the experience en route to that result.

For instance, I have actually worked together on 2 composing experience reports. The very first was Mike Griffith’s and my experience composing the Agile Practice Guide. See Bridging Mindsets: Developing the PMI Agile Practice Guide.

The second was with Mark Kilby and how we composed our book. See You Need To State More There: Efficient Interaction in a Dispersed Agile Group.

In both cases, we informed 2 stories in one report. The very first story consisted of the higher experience of the composing task and its ups and down. The 2nd story was how each people discovered and progressed as we continued with those jobs.

The program committee requires to see both of those experiences in the proposition. As you consider your experience, consider the bigger story of how the company, task, or item altered. Then, keep in mind to include your story, what you discovered, and the effect of that knowing.

When you consist of both stories, the program committee can see what is unique about your experience. We can get thrilled about your proposition. However we require to see the stories.

How to Arrange a Story

Typically, experience reports inform these stories in sequential order. That implies each story has a start, a middle, and an end.

  1. The preliminary state: What did you very first see that triggered this experience? Existed an issue? A chance?
  2. Then the meat of the story, where you discuss how you selected options.
    • Which things did you attempt in which order, and what occurred? Consider those things as try/fails or try/succeeds.
      • Individuals attempted something that had some result. Was that result a “failure” where you thought about brand-new options? Was that result a success where you constructed on that success and continued to the next experiment?
      • What did you determine? Did you alter any measurements?
      • How did individuals respond and find out? How did you respond and find out?
    • When did you discover successes or failures? When did you alter course?
  3. The current/end state. What did you and individuals find out? How did you and individuals progress or alter?

That’s the structure of an experience report.

For a proposition, the program committee requires to see adequate information that they have a factor to state yes. If you do not make a note of enough information, it’s too simple for the committee to state no.

So your very first audience is the program committee.

Discuss the Experience to the Program Committee

The program committee is the gatekeeper for the conference. That implies they require to see enough of the experience to be able to evaluate the 2 stories: the company’s or higher story and your story.

Think about having a paragraph for each of the 3 points above. I especially like OneStartlingSentence for the very first paragraph, so the program committee comprehends why you began this effort.

Next, program committees require to see the structure of the story, so they can see the distinct viewpoint you give the experience report track. Then, the try/fails and try/succeeds. In the proposition, you do not require to compose paragraphs. Bullets will provide for now. When you compose the paper, you’ll include all the wonderful information.

Next is the story of how you and individuals altered or discovered (or did not). Once again, a couple of bullets will do. This is the next location you will reveal what’s distinct about your experience.

Lastly, completion state. While I gain from individuals’s successes, I likewise gain from their failures. We have too couple of failure experience reports, and INMHO, we would be much better as a market if we had more of them. Consist of for how long the company has actually been successful or stopped working. (There’s a factor many companies can just utilize nimble methods at the group level.)

Repeat on your proposition till it’s done. As soon as you have a proposition that discusses both stories (in bullets), now you can modify. Look for typos, and so on

As a last check, do you have approximately 4 paragraphs that explain the story? If you do not, you may not have enough to assist the program group state yes.

Assist the Program Group State Yes

Utilize these concepts to compose your effective experience report proposition. Make me, an experience report customer, wish to deal with you and read your report.

Consist of all the pieces above, even if you put them in a various order. I can’t ensure the program committee will state yes, however reveal them whatever they require to understand. Best of luck!

I composed an entire series about conference propositions, beginning with Develop a Conference Proposition the Conference Desires, Part 1. I likewise composed a book: Compose a Conference Proposition.

This post broadens on the concepts because book.

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