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Is Velocity Evil? (No.)

January 20, 2023

In a webinar today, somebody stated that Speed is wicked if corresponded with performance. I disagree. And partially concur.

Initially some descriptions (short, perhaps too brief for some):

The Speed of a sprint is the variety of story points that the group “made” (finished) that run.

Well, I would state Speed is truly the typical speed over the last 3 sprints. It is the real-world performance of the group offered all the real life concerns (eg, regardless of a lot of obstacles).

It becomes part of the video game, and provides openness.

Absolutely nothing in life is an exactly precise metric. All “service” metrics are less exact than a great deal of clinical metrics, normally.

Still, a rough step can assist assist action.

Poor Evaluation

It holds true that some groups are bad or weak at approximating. For this brief post let simply state that that can be repaired (a lot) in a reasonably brief time.

There are a variety of other crucial consider utilizing Story Points well.


Compared to itself (in previous sprints), an upward performance motion must be shown in an increased Speed (for the Group).

If the Group utilizes SPs relatively well.

By performance, we indicate “work systems” (SPs) done per sprint (eg, in 2 weeks or 10 service days).

Is is extremely precise? No.

Accurate enough to be beneficial? I believe yes.

Other Performance Steps

The more vital performance, truly, is BV provided. Company worth provided to the consumer in a long time box (eg, per 3 months).

However individuals never ever call this “Speed”.

Can Speed be utilized terribly?

It can be and it is utilized terribly. Frequently.

We discussed the bad estimating. At some time this bad estimating appears deliberate.

Supervisors wish to utilize speed to compare groups. No, do refrain from doing that.

Supervisors can “require” that speed boost by X%. Requiring this is incorrect and absurd. Inquiring about and supporting (in beneficial methods) the constant enhancement that results in especially greater speed is affordable. However simply stating “work more difficult” is typically both mean and dumb. (If a supervisor states “I believe your group ought to work harder on X”– that might be the start of a helpful discussion.)

Other Issues

If a supervisor puts pressure on Speed, Groups frequently cut quality to accomplish the objective. Bad!

However this and other comparable issues can be prevented with a little attention.

Excellent Utilizes

The Group can set an objective for itself to increase speed by repairing obstacles.

The Group can take pleasure in the video game of the sprint, and feel “little wins” as ball game (finished SPs) increases.

If the Group “wins” the Sprint (ie, finishes the SPs they dedicated to), they must commemorate. Which assists.

The Group can see if they are flatlining. Bad in the medical facility, bad for a Group.

If a Group has actually enhanced a lot, they may begin to take on a few of the very best Groups in their location (city, state, nation).

To be reasonable, it is difficult to compare groups in an apples-to-apples method. However the competitive energy (if affordable) and the desire to enhance by observing what “they” do, can assist us get a lot much better.

Life is a video game. Never ever take it too seriously. You win some, you lose some.

However many people like to play video games. Games with ratings. And we (eg, we in service) can utilize that to assist develop an excellent group. Or a better group.


It is difficult to persuade some individuals not to dislike story points.

However I hope these quick words assist some.


“” What is Scrum?– by Ken Schwaber|| What if one Staff member does not concur with the procedure? (eg, to do “scrum”)””

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