Scrum Masters

The scrum master feature explained


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25 thoughts on “The scrum master feature explained

  1. Good explanation. More project management videos are available on my channel.

  2. Scrum master is BS term. Its just another way of saying manager/supervisor/team lead. It’s just a trend used by trendy “start ups”. Scrum master originates from the word Scrum, which is a word used in rugby. Rugby players huddle around as a team, which is known as a scrum. When I worked in the tech industry, we would have “scrums”(quick stand up meetings) in the morning to delegate what we were working on for the day, and discuss deadlines. Scrum masters were also known as POC (Point of Contact) but I guess that term never took off because it wasn’t trendy enough. So next time someone says they are a “scrum Master” just know they are a team leader aka a middle man/woman.

    1. So is it not an important job? The way your describing it makes the scrum master seem useless…

  3. they are trying to peg me into that role at the office, I will walk away. Most anti-bureaucracy person gets put in most bureaucratic communist position, no thanks.

  4. in reality, Scrum master is the one who types some ill-defined backlogs on some project management tool and thought they are the ones that make things happened

    1. hey did you read the comments? A lot of people here saying they are giving the wrong info 😐

  5. If Dev says that 2 weeks is not enough and they need 2 months..what will be done? whats the use of sprint when the decision is given to Dev instead of management

    1. That’s above you at that point if your devs are being stubborn it is what it is and that’s the employer or whoever is managings job

  6. I still don’t know WTF a scrum master is. Sounds like the manager ain’t doing his/her job!!!

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