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Leading 20 Scrum Master Interview Questions and Responses for 2022 


In a scrum group, the scrum master is an essential member accountable for supporting and promoting scrum. She or he assists other staff member to comprehend the scrum worths, guidelines, practices, and theory. Besides, a scrum master helps individuals outside the scrum group to understand the very best method to connect with the group. Therefore, the function of a scrum master is challenging to fill owing to the requirements and needs included consisting of helping the group in reaching an arrangement on activities and timelines, collaborating day-to-day scrum conferences, and making sure the group is not sidetracked. These needs might make the procedure of employing troublesome in regards to discovering the ideal person. However understanding what to ask prospects and the responses to anticipate can streamline this procedure. Here are interview concerns to ask scrum master interviewees and response to anticipate from the ideal prospect. You can likewise see the material in blog site format at Below are the 20 concerns talked about: 1. What is Scrum? 2. As a Scrum Master, How can You Track the Sprint Development? 3. What is the Goal of “User Story” in Scrum? 4. As a Scrum Master, how will You Assist the Item Owner? 5. Why is it Required to Embrace the Agile Approach? 6. What Strategies Can You Utilize to Carry Out Estimates in Scrum Projects? 7. What is scope creep and how would you avoid its incident? 8. How is the modification management in Waterfall various from a Nimble scrum? 9. In Scrum, what is Minimum Viable Item (MVP)? 10. As a Scrum Master, what is Your Function throughout the Daily Scrum? 11. As a scrum master, what would you do when you understand Nimble concepts are being broken? 12. What artifacts are preserved in scrum? 13. What function does an item owner carry out in the scrum structure? 14. State 3 primary tools used in a scrum job 15. Explain your Daily Regimen as a Scrum Master 16. What do You Understand by Timeboxing? 17. What is Done Throughout Sprint Evaluation and Retrospective? 18. Do You Discover any Drawback with Scrum? 19. In your viewpoint, can scrum be used in the advancement of all sort of software application? 20. Explain Speed in Scrum

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  2. Would you recommend switching careers from Life Insurance Manager to scrum master?

    1. ​@ProjectPractical wow! that is a loud no, Why not if I may ask? I am a Financial Advisor and planning to switch career path. I want to be able to work remotely and the work life balance for a mom is not really great in the Banking industry in Canada I am also great in Communicating and active listening. I would like to know why you said no.

    1. @ProjectPractical it’s not hard if the person is very determined. I know some Nurses who are scrum masters

  3. Good video but needs a break in the VO after each sample answer. It flows so fast it gave me a headache.

    1. @ProjectPractical give the viewer a pause to process the info and and visual aid..3 seconds… Let’s the mind create paths between what is heard and what is seen

    2. @ProjectPractical I’m a multi media pro and looking for work if you need help

  4. Don’t get my message wrong I am sure this is very helpful for many people but, the content has a few debatable parts.:
    -Why isn’t the increment in the artifact section?
    -On the Daily Scrum people are welcome to attend but necessarily participate..
    The SM does not even have to be there he/she just needs to make sure that it is held (need maturity ofc).
    -Change management is done via Reviews where feedback is provided, or through the PO if any asap requirement arises for example from a CTO/CEO. This is the basic of any agile framework. Inspect Learn adapt. There is the change mgmt.
    -There are no prescribed tools in Scrum. This is why it is a light framework. But if you mention JIRA why not to mention Confluence?
    -Burndown chart is not representative in regards of changes in the product backlog, that is why even a burn up chart better, or even so: cumulative flow diagram.
    -SM does not break up quarrels, but facilitates dialogue to mitigate interpersonal issues.
    -Time box is not 15 minutes but 15 for the daily scrum (time box on the sprint, the planning the review and the Retro are different)
    -Why the term increment avoided here? You bring the increment to the review. Whatever the increment is (User Story again is an option not prescribed. Features can be broken down into spongebob if you wish) The review is not exactly about demonstrating it is an opportunity to the customer/user to TRY out the increment and experience it first hand. Then the feedback will be used by the Team.

    1. Scrum, the same as PMBOK or any other project management process is a framework. It is a guideline for the project team to follow. The project team can adjust accordingly depending on the team’s maturity and type of project.

  5. In scrum, the maximum time box is 15 minutes … How ??
    This need correction.

  6. Straight to the point. Be aware that these precious tips will help lots of people. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. lovely and awesome content. Thanks for this amazing video with lots of things to learn as a “Scrum Master”

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