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Difficult Scrum Master interview concerns|ScrumMastered


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15 thoughts on “Difficult Scrum Master interview concerns|ScrumMastered

  1. Great collaboration! I follow both channels, so this is fantastic 😄.
    Besides Facilitation, coaching , teaching mentoring, I would go with Visualisation of team processes and flow analysis for clearing blockers and optimising.

  2. It’s helpful to hear the skills horizontally (coach, mentor, facilitate) but then go vertically and talk about HOW and give real examples of coaching/mentoring/facilitating. Give a story. Thank you Daria and Ryan!

  3. Speaking of a good fit, no one actually knows if a company or an employee is a good fit until they get into it.

    1. That is true. Not all information is really given to you upfront, but you can still figure out how things are really going in the organization by asking the right questions.

    1. I mean you should definitely have a couple variations ready. I mean, actually write them down and learn them by heart. The most important part is to keep it short.
      A very common mistake is when people go on for 10 minutes telling all the details of their life. While it can be very interesting, it’s important to keep it relevant.
      Think of the person you are speaking with – what do they want to know about you really? What information will help you win their trust?

      For example, I’ve been doing lots of introductions these past weeks as I started working with some team teams. When I speak with Software Engineers I talk a lot about more about my experience working with technical teams.
      While if I talk with someone in leadership positions I ‘ll put more focus on my experience working with executives in other companies.

  4. This is my first time here and I am interested in becoming a Scrum Master. I am glued to this channel

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