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Working Title: Stakeholder Doughnut –

Mo tivated by the amazing Herculean doughnut and the conversations that develops we have actually utilized the principle to assist you go over and concur duties with your stakeholders. The objective here is to assist you move your stakeholders towards a collaboration frame of mind over thinking about your group or groups as a provider. We hope most of post its to wind up in the middle (everybody) area.

When to utilize this?

Problem with your stakeholders not assisting the group out and treating you as a provider.

Beginning a brand-new piece of work or task and wish to develop who is accountable for what in your stakeholder and group relationships.

How to utilize it?


  1. Draw a big doughnut on a white board (or virtual) as below.
  2. Include stakeholder and advancement group (Group selected particularly as we desire the stakeholders and group to consider themselves as one group).
  3. Include everybody in the center and no-one someplace outside the circle.
  4. Compose a post it keep in mind for each of the following:
  • Is responsible
  • Orders the Item Stockpile
  • Fixes blockers
  • Acts
  • Develops openness
  • Suggest item improvements/features
  • Engages with users
  • Reports development
  • Chooses what to do
  • Difficulties
  • Actions run the risk of reactions
  • Finds
  • Comprehends the worth of a function
  • and anymore you believe would assist you go over and concur

5. Purchase some doughnuts for the session and make certain you consist of that there will be doughnuts on the conference invite.


Present the session something like: We are here to go over and concur how we interact, the goal here is to leave this session with a set of contracts regarding how we will work as stakeholders and advancement group in collaboration to provide xx.

Distribute the doughnuts!

Explain how the doughnut works, with each area, ask the group if they wish to include more areas or alter labels and do so as suitable.

Hand the deck of post its to somebody, ask to check out the very first post it keep in mind out and motivate them to position it on the doughnut where they believe it ought to be. Motivate the group to go over and move based upon the seminar. Motivate dispute.

Continue through the deck till there are non left. Ask what else and include post it keeps in mind as neccassary.

Get everybody to sign it upon leaving the space motivating them to follow these contracts in the future.


Print out images or show the genuine variation in your group area or around the workplace to keep the doughnut noticeable and in individuals minds.

Personalize me

It is necessary you personalize this for your context, please do not treat this as a design template contribute to this, ask concerns, get rid of some post its.

Include your own post it keeps in mind in

Include some more functions as needed

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